Hi, how can I help you? We would be happy to contact you!
Hi, how can I help you? We would be happy to contact you!
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We believe that entrepreneurial people make the difference. They see opportunities and dare to innovate and act, improving the world one step at a time. For this reason, we consider it our mission to accelerate entrepreneurship. We do this in three ways.

Steppingstones towards entrepreneurship

Fresh Forces is a place for top talents with an entrepreneurial dream. We give them the opportunity to discover and develop their skills. How this works? Our Fresh Forces start as employees. They work on projects for our clients from Monday to Thursday. Every Friday is spent investing in their personal development and entrepreneurial skills. The FRS training program helps Fresh Forces to develop themselves through trainings, educational programs and coaching session. In the ‘VONK program’, they get to work on their entrepreneurial ideas.

This is how, over the course of a few years, Fresh Forces develop the knowledge, experience, inspiration and network to take the next step in their entrepreneurial careers. That step can be taken within or outside of Fresh Forces. Some realize their entrepreneurial dream by launching their own business. Others start working as entrepreneurial professionals or launch their idea in cooperation with Fresh Forces.

Acceleration through entrepreneurship

In a lot of large organizations, we see the need for entrepreneurship and innovation power. They crave the decisiveness and creativity required to accelerate, innovate, and change. This is where we come in. Fresh Forces get organizations, projects and teams moving by generating innovative solutions that achieve results. We bring a fresh perspective on existing and new business questions. Contagiously entrepreneurial, we are a catalyst for change and innovation.

An entrepreneurial ecosystem

Most organizations work with departments or teams. At Fresh Forces, employees are part of a “Force”, a kind of sub-organization. Each Force has its own Force Entrepreneur and several Fresh Professionals (more substantially experienced project managers) coordinating the young project managers concerning the content and processes of projects. The entire Force is responsible for innovation and bringing in new projects, a way of working inspired by Eckart’s Notes (read it here!).

Over the years, we have built an entrepreneurial network of cooperative partners and experts with whom we collaborate on projects. These partners range from “wizened souls”, sometimes necessary for complex projects, to creative whiz kids, indispensable when creating a communication campaign, for example. Together, they form an ecosystem of professionals and entrepreneurs who share the same entrepreneurial mindset. Since we’re always in search of new partners and initiating new projects, this ecosystem is continuously in motion.

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