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Hi, how can I help you? We would be happy to contact you!
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At Fresh Forces, we aspire towards an inclusive and diverse working environment. A working environment in which everyone can and is able to be themselves. Where the varied needs and characteristics of employees are recognized, acknowledged and celebrated. One in which everyone is involved based on their individual qualities.


As the new generation, we believe in the power of difference. The most beautiful solutions arise in the dialogues between different perspectives, experiences and culture. It is here where new perspectives are generated from a place of creativity and connection. A diverse makeup and inclusive working environment not only enriches us as individuals and as an organization; it also empowers us to offer our clients a truly fresh perspective.

As an organization, we see that bridging differences with respect is no easy task. Overcoming differences needs to be set as a clear priority to work. Doing so also demands inclusive leadership from all our Fresh Forces. We still some way to go, but together we are working hard to become the inclusive organization we all believe in.


We observe several areas wherein we can still take steps to become—and more importantly, remain—an inclusive organization. At Fresh Forces, we not only direct our attention towards the evident differences related to diversity and inclusion; we endeavor to embrace all characteristics and properties important to individuals. With a specific focus on cultural diversity (the greatest challenge for us as an organization), we emphasize the following themes in this:

Culture. We aspire towards a varied group of Fresh Forces that represents the new (academically educated) generation that possesses Fresh Forces DNA. Our greatest challenge currently lies in being an attractive workplace for talents with a non-Western background.

Gender. We strive for an equal gender division across all levels of our organization. Furthermore, we aim for equality between men and women on the following points: assessment, promotion, inflow, outflow and advancement into leadership positions.

LGBTQI+. We strive towards an open and inclusive working environment in which everyone’s sexual orientation is accepted.

(Occupational) disability. We aspire to be an organization that offers people with a degree of distance from the labor market working opportunities within our organization or which supports them in finding suitable work through one of our cooperative partnerships.

Characteristics & qualities. Finally, “Characteristics & qualities”. At Fresh Forces, we believe it is important that everyone, regardless of personal preferences, can be themselves. Although the atmosphere in our office can sometimes feel a little tumultuous, we want everyone, whether extraverted or introverted, to feel safe while working at Fresh Forces. We therefore provide options for employees with the need for solitude to withdraw or to create their own safe space. Together with our Fresh Forces, we want all our employees to own, develop and employ their unique qualities, and as such, do our utmost to assist them in this process.

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