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‘Reforming Achmea’s campus recruitment strategy to attract young talent’


Help us to reform our campus recruitment strategy to attract young talent.


Achmea is the largest insurance company in the Netherlands, with brands such as Centraal Beheer, Zilveren Kruis, and FBTO. Achmea is looking for young talent that can help them build an organization ready for the future. Traineeships are offered to train and develop young talented people that will be able to fulfill this role. To find the right talent, Achmea contracted Fresh Forces to help them create a new campus recruitment strategy.


Together with Achmea, we conducted a study into the current image of Achmea as an employer, and especially into how the target group experiences this image. This study included desk research, interviews with employees from all layers of the organization and by identifying focus groups of trainees and applicants. These results were translated into a strategic rebuilding document, titled: ‘We assure you, everything will be different’.


Together with Fresh Forces, and based on this strategic rebuilding document, several first deliverables were set up, such as an adjustment in the application process, a new format for an in-house day, and a number of new means of communication like vlogs made by trainees. Furthermore, the new strategy was the foundation for the further development of Achmea’s recruitment campaign in 2016.