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Hi, how can I help you? We would be happy to contact you!
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Case Arcadis – Deep Orange

“Innovation through design thinking”


Can you assist us in developing an innovation program with a focus on design thinking?


Arcadis is a leading, globally-operating design and consultancy firm. Arcadis Digital noticed tremendous digital developments in the market. It are innovative technologies that will have a large-scale societal and organisational impact in the near future. So, they felt the need to participate in these developments. They asked us to assist them in developing a program based on the principles of design thinking.


In cooperation with the Arcadis team, we determined the criteria to which the program, called Deep Orange, would have to adhere. Four phases—Discover, Connect, Design and Accelerate—were mapped out. The program had to focus on co-creative innovation; working cooperatively with Arcadis’ clients and ecosystem partners to develop new, innovative ideas.


During the first (“Discover”) phase of the program, we searched for Arcadis experts, clients and ecosystem partners and challenged them to join us. In the second (“Connect”) phase, we connected them to eachother in an online environment that allowed them to conduct research and prepare together. The third (“Design”) phase consisted of a “Design Week” – a four-day sprint during which the four teams were each challenged to develop their own prototype. In the final (“Accelerate”) phase, all the new ideas for products and services were presented, the best were selected for further development in consultation with the client.

At present, we have successfully completed five Deep Orange Events.

These are the opinions of Deep Orange Events participants:

  • ‘We developed a realistic and achievable solution to a genuine problem, our business is suffering from currently’
  • ‘Best week I have had in Arcadis since I joined the company‘
  • ‘Deep Orange allows us to engage with industries that we don’t see in our day jobs, and then implement cool tech that we use in our day jobs’