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What story and which marketing materials can help us to simply and powerfully connect Arcadians to the Digital Strategy and thus claim a position as Thought Leader within the industry?


We worked in co-creation with a multidisciplinary team from Arcadis. Together with our network of graphic designers and IT partners, we created a combination of various on- and offline tools and interventions to include employees in the Digital Strategy.


In order to connect the Arcardians to the strategy, we formulated a clear story covering questions like ‘what does this strategy entail, for whom is it intended and how does it translate into practice?’ Based on the researched needs of the target group, an appropriate communication plan was drawn up. We then divided the strategy into six digital priorities, which we communicated through podcasts, infographics and videos. Employees could also experience these priorities through different interventions, which enabled them to not only understand, but also feel and convey them. The Digital Week was in perfect alignment with previous communication and interventions. During this five-day programme employees could join live session at four different locations in the Netherlands or participate online. The sessions included master classes, interactive workshops, a ‘house of commons’ debate and a hackathon. In the special ArcaDigital App participants could find event information and earn points for participation. To claim the position of Thought Leader, several video’s that showcase client projects are shared externally. These video’s now serve as a showcase for potential customers, to show to what extent Arcadis is developed digitally and what opportunities this offers them.


  • Around 300 people participated in Digital Week
  • 500 users on the app
  • 8 podcasts
  • 8 videos with more than 6000 viewers
  • Better digital positioning in the market