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‘Get Connected stimulates and activates collaboration and communication, both virtual and live, across departmental boundaries’.


How can we improve worldwide cooperation and mutual understanding between our international operational departments?


ASML is the world’s fastest-growing high-tech company with branches across the globe. As a result of its astounding worldwide growth, distances between people and departments within ASML’s organizational operations are increasing – both literally and figuratively. ASML determined good communication, strong connections between people and new virtual methods of working together to be vital to bridge these growing cultural and topographical distances.


Working in close cooperation with ASML, we designed and realized the “Get Connected” program. In this program, we stimulate managers to communicate and work together both virtually and “in real life.” A range of online interventions—including virtual coffees, quests and online leadership webinars— encourage managers around the world to operationally transcend national and departmental borders, connecting them to relevant themes in the process. By physically bringing everybody together in a two-day event we not only connected the organization’s fifty top leaders on a substantive level, we also enabled them connect on a personal level.


“Get Connected 1.0” was aimed at ASML fifty top operational leaders. The initiative has generated more connection, more effective cooperation and has improved overall communication between the company’s leading operational managers. Following the success of the program’s first “1.0” rollout, ASML has decided to launch “Get Connected 2.0,” this time targeting the top one hundred operational leaders within the company.