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‘A game that can only be won by applying the new way of working’


Help us develop an inspiring format around the subject: ‘Connect to deliver’


DSM Food Specialties (DFS), part of Royal DSM, a multinational in the field of health, nutrition and materials, wants to introduce its employees to a new way of working. An important part of this is solidifying the cooperation between colleagues from different departments. DFS asks us how they can convey this in a substantive, interactive and innovative way.


Together with DFS, we came up with the ‘Escape Experience’. This is a game in which interdisciplinary teams compete with and against each other to discover a vaccination formula for the client; a pharmaceutical producer. They decide how they want to approach this, but the chance of success is greatest when applying the new way of working. In addition, the team that also manages to discover the additional client request wins.


Understanding and enthusiasm has been generated for the new way of working. Managers have been inspired in how they can display exemplary behaviour and the employees were pleasantly surprised by the creative and interactive approach. The game was first used at an internal event in 2017. Due to its success, the decision was made to develop a mobile toolkit, which was used to roll out the concept to locations abroad. As a result, more than four hundred employees were able to experience the power of this game.

This is how DSM feels about it:

The collaboration with Fresh Forces was a very pleasant experience for us. There was a clear picture of the preparation process in advance, and we were able to achieve a good result on time. Likewise, the participants rated the interactive ‘experience’ as very good.