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How do we start the conversation about safety and the role of managers in this matter in an appealing way?


Within organisations like Eneco, safety is one of the most important topics of conversation. Within the (technical) operation, attention is paid to this topic on a daily basis. However, it’s also crucial for managers to pay attention to this topic. The choices they make have a direct or indirect impact on the safe working environment of the mechanics.


To raise awareness about this topic, we developed an escaperoom in which the group has to safely connect three wind turbines within one hour. However, there is a risk! At the start, each participant has to give up their mobile phone. The phone is an equivalent for something personal that you don’t want to lose. Next to that, the phone is the biggest disrupter of attention and concentration, two components that are very important for working safely. The phones were put into one of three blenders that were present. When a security incident happend, one of the blenders started blending. Working safely suddenly became a lot more important…


The escaperoom was launched on Eneco’s leadership day.  We played the game with 25 groups at the same time! It turned out to be a great start for a renewed discussion about the role of managers in safety at Eneco.

See the video below to get an impression of the escaperoom and the experiences of players.