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“An onboarding experience to ensure new employees hit the ground running”


How can we make Irdeto’s onboarding into a true experience?


Irdeto is the global market leader in digital platform security, protecting more than five billion devices and applications against cybercrime for household brands in a wide variety of sectors across the globe. To continue innovating and growing internationally, Irdeto is always looking for new, top talents to contribute to its success. Of course, the sooner they feel at home and at ease within the organization, the better. They asked us to assist them in streamlining the onboarding process of new employees.


Cooperating co-creatively with Irdeto, we developed an onboarding journey targeted at new employees. This onboarding journey later turned out to also be a valuable resource for managers. What this journey entails? It includes, among other things, a “first-day toolkit” to make sure new employees get off to a good start. In addition, we developed an interactive PDF and an onboarding game that introduces new employees to various aspects of the organization right off the bat.


We have not only ensured new employees hit the ground running, we have also made it easier for managers to assist new colleagues as they take their first steps within the organization.