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Hi, how can I help you? We would be happy to contact you!
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Case Libbey – Employer Branding


Help us set up a new employer branding strategy and campaign to raise awareness about Libbey EMEA as an employer in the Netherlands and Portugal.


Libbey is the second largest glass producer and supplier in the world. With more than 7,400 employees worldwide and branches in America, the Netherlands, Portugal, Mexico and China, Libbey produces high quality glasses and tableware. Although Libbey is a big name in the glass industry and very progressive in development, marketing and technology, they are not yet considered as a potential employer by the new generation. To keep their leading position in the market and meet future challenges, it is necessary to attract and retain young (technical) talent.


The project consisted of three phases: research & strategy, development and implementation. During the research phase, we talked with 30 Dutch and Portuguese colleagues about why they work at Libbey. Together with external research, this was the basis for developing an employer branding strategy, or employer value proposition (EVP). This also defined two target groups on which the campaign is focused. After that we started to develop a corresponding creative concept.


This resulted in an employer branding campaign that focuses on both the colleagues and the glassed. The slogan “Cheers to you. Join Libbey” became the basis of the concept. Because Libbey believes that every event, big or small, is an opportunity to celebrate life and success. This is reflected in the campaign, by employees toasting to the potential candidate using different types of glasses. In addition, the type of glass is incorporated into the corresponding catchy text. A matching new recruitment-website has been set up, including new content such as photos and videos. The campaign was also extended to various offline tools such as posters, banners and cards.