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Hi, how can I help you? We would be happy to contact you!
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“Staff Recruitment 2.0”



How do we attract young (technology and ICT) talent?


Rijkswaterstaat wants to hire more young employees. This fits with their new ‘koers2020’ strategy, which revolves around becoming an agile and flexible organization. To achieve this, Rijkswaterstaat needs to improve its visibility as an employer among young talent (students and recent graduates).

Our approach

Together with Rijkswaterstaat, and its various fields of knowledge, the priority target group has been mapped. Multiple activities have been initiated to reach this target group.


Collaborations with study associations were set up in line with the desired target group. This way, we built lasting relationships between Rijkswaterstaat and students. In addition, investments were made into more direct recruitment activities: in-house days and career events, where employees can act as ambassadors of Rijkswaterstaat and tell the story of the organization. We also took a closer look at the existing application process and traineeship. How do applicants experience the application process and the start of the traineeship? Together with Rijkswaterstaat, Fresh Forces used the resulting insights to create a new setup for the influx of young talents.