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Case Smart Climate Opportunities – Conquest for Paradise


How can we make professionals in the financial sector – and beyond – aware of both climate issues and how the integral cooperation between knowledge institutions, entrepreneurs and financials can boost innovative solutions to combat climate change.


Climate change plays a major role in the minds and hearts of people, businesses and governments. A transition in the energy sector, food supply and construction is needed in order to reduce CO2 emissions and combat the excessive use of raw materials.

In the last century, the Netherlands and its ‘Delta Works’ has shown how knowledge institutions, companies and financials can join forces to beat the water. This has become one of the most important export products of our country.

Stichting SCO (smart climate opportunities) believes that, if we show the same approach and perseverance, we can also become the world champions of the energy transition.


In co-creation with SCO, Fresh Forces developed a serious game in which players experience the effects of the energy transition on the energy sector, the agricultural sector and the construction industry. Based on Kate Raworth’s doughtnut economy, players experience that the welfare of the people must be combined with a balance in nature. Too much emission or consumption of raw materials leads to flooding and extreme drought. But neglecting global welfare can also lead to revolts and mass migrations.

By investing in innovation and the smart implementation of (technological) solutions, players can transcend these challenges and bring paradise back to earth.

At the end of the game, the players reflect on their own process, how everyone acted from their role and the effect this had on the result of the game. These insights are then translated into action points for daily practice.


This game is deployed within the ‘SmartUp Track’ of the SCO foundation and played with various (financial) institutions such as APG and Rabobank. With this game both understanding and knowledge about the energy transition is gained in an impactful way. Next to that, it brings stakeholders in the Netherlands closer together.