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“A roadmap for strategic goals and a new model for human resources”


Help us form a future-proof service model for our HR department and a strategic plan for the future.


Stedin is a grid operator. Our energy consumption has been changing in recent years, and Stedin feels the need to play a role in creating a sustainable planet. The human resources department of Stedin realises that a lot needs to change in order to face this new future successfully. HR has a facilitating role within Stedin and therefore, in order to make Stedin future-proof, the first innovations will need to be made within the HR department.


The HR department knows that, for a new future, new skills and a new way of thinking and collaborating are necessary. That is why Fresh Forces has scheduled various sessions with HR employees, managers and other employees within Stedin to identify where the needs are. We also found answers to questions like: Where do we want to stand in the future? Where do we focus on, and on which aspects do we lack focus?


We elaborated the input from these meetings and moulded it into a new organisational model. This model ensures more cooperation and enables HR to provide better service to Stedin employees.

There is now even a true ‘marketplace’. This is where large, strategic customer questions from the Stedin organisation are linked to interdisciplinary HR teams. Once a week, these questions are examined and weighed against the number of people available. Then it is assessed to what extent the question contributes to the future of Stedin, which in return determines how much priority a question is given.

And thanks to the Strategic HR Roadmap, everyone knows what the future holds. But not only that: it’s also a lot easier to get there.