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Hi, how can I help you? We would be happy to contact you!
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Blog – Blindspot: a new pivot

May 26, 2021 by

In the summer of 2020 we initiated an ambitious game project with the intention to develop a serious game about unconscious bias. We wanted to make an experience that creates awareness on what biases are and how they work. This game could work as an intervention in programmes or activities […]

Case Arcadis – Quality of Life

February 10, 2020 by Joren, Maarten, Tessa

In recent years, Arcadis has grown strongly. This is partly due to acquisitions of other companies. In order to guarantee quality and customer satisfaction, the organization has rolled out a set of best practices (supported by an IT system) that must be applied worldwide. Who to introduce managers and employees of Arcadis to this ‘Arcadis Way’.

Case ASML – Mission Tomorrow

by Mathijs, Maarten, Aimée

ASML is growing rapidly and hires thousands of new employees from all over the world every year. A good onboarding process is very important to give new employees understanding of the organisation en to make them feel welcome.