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Frisse Blikken

What is the start of real change? Someone who sees opportunities. Who thinks outside the box. Who does things just a little differently. Real change starts with a fresh perspective.

Always surprising

We are a creative project management agency. You can reach out to us with a variety of organizational challenges. For example, think of a learning and development program, an internal communication campaign or a serious game. 

What our projects have in common? We like to do things a little differently. We realize change and renewal. Or acceleration: from making plans to taking action!

Change means taking action

We believe that entrepreneurial people make the difference. They see opportunities, dare to innovate and take action. In doing so, they make the world a little better every time. Therefore, it is our mission to inspire everyone with the power of entrepreneurship.

At Frisse Blikken, we share an entrepreneurial mindset. A characteristic that you instantly recognize when you work with or for us. We are bursting with ideas, have lots of energy and are eager to roll up our sleeves. Because change can only be achieved when someone takes action.

That’s why we work together with you, our client. You are the eyes and ears within the organization, we are the extra hands that turn ideas into reality.

A vibrant network

Over the past few years, we have gathered an entrepreneurial network of partners and experts. From talented graphic designers to experienced training actors. And from inspiring speakers to creative video producers. If necessary, we collaborate to bring ideas to life.

Did you know that some were once Frisse Blikkers? We encourage our talent to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. As a result, great initiatives emerge, both within Frisse Blikken and beyond.

Our team

We will match your question with one Frisse Blikker or a whole team. Wondering who will visit you when you work with us?

Joeri Hegger


Claudia de Boer


Femke ten Broeke


Tom von Holtz

Tom von Holtz

Merlijn Berdenis van Berlekom


Shameer Khan


Wouter Barthmuss

Wouter B.

Mila Ravensberg


Noortje Havenga

Get in touch!

Curious to find out how we’d tackle your challenge? Leave us a message and we’ll get in touch shortly!

Achtergrond: phD in Human Resource Management en Organizational Behavior. Master Arbeids- en Organisatiepsychologie

Mijn verborgen talent is… Sportgerelateerde vragen in een pubquiz beantwoorden.

Met dit nummer begint mijn weekend: Tash Sultana – Jungle

Als ik later groot ben dan… Heb ik een bedrijf dat mensen helpt om hun leven leuker te maken.

Gerben Tolkamp
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