In which areas could you use a fresh perspective?

Temporary support

Temporarily need for an extra pair of hands? We’ll gladly become part of your team. We’re versatile, brimming with ideas, and ready to dive in.

Portfolio management support

Engage, connect, and activate. We can assist you with robust campaigns, events, and innovative communication tools that will inspire your employees to act.

From complex story to inspiring narrative

Increasing employee engagement

Culture and values trajectory

Regardless of the role, life stage, or organization you’re in, we believe you never stop learning. We can help you create unforgettable learning experiences, empowering employees, talents, and leaders to develop and thrive.

Beyond the Money

Continuing to connect company doctors in training

Digital transformations, reorganizations, innovation acceleration, and cultural changes – they’re often challenging, yet essential. We’ll guide you through the change with innovative ideas, energetic project management, and powerful connecting sessions.

Digital Movement ‘Dare to be Digital’

Employer branding, onboarding, and employee satisfaction. We’ll help bind your most valuable assets to your organization with strong campaigns, events, and programs.

From DNA to rock-solid employer brand

Employer branding Arcadis

A gamified onboarding

Public issues affect us all. We’ll facilitate the exchange between different areas of expertise, life experiences, and generations, creating broadly supported policies, mutual understanding, and improved collaboration.

The National Children’s Rights Dialogue

Pleun van Asseldonk
Willem van de Loo

Change means taking action.

At Frisse Blikken, we share an entrepreneurial mentality. The ambition to think, dare, and act. Our contagious energy, abundant creativity, and genuine drive to get things done are immediately recognizable to anyone working with or for us.

Pleun Louwens
Ties de Vos
Ben Tissen

Achtergrond: phD in Human Resource Management en Organizational Behavior. Master Arbeids- en Organisatiepsychologie

Mijn verborgen talent is… Sportgerelateerde vragen in een pubquiz beantwoorden.

Met dit nummer begint mijn weekend: Tash Sultana – Jungle

Als ik later groot ben dan… Heb ik een bedrijf dat mensen helpt om hun leven leuker te maken.

Gerben Tolkamp

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