Hi, how can I help you? We would be happy to contact you!
Hi, how can I help you? We would be happy to contact you!
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Fresh Forces offers organizations the decisiveness and freshness of young entrepreneurs. We breathe innovation. We are change. We bring acceleration. In short, we are the new generation.

We get your organization moving

Our Fresh Forces stir up organizations and sometimes give them a much-needed nudge in the back. Because every now and then, that’s exactly what is needed to go in the right direction. We provide a fresh perspective on and for your organization, helping you to get where you want to be faster, more efficiently, but most importantly, with a lot more fun. The challenges of our time are self-evident to us; after all, we grew up with them. Whether you need help with strategy activation, learning and development, change processes, (labor-market) communication or serious gaming—we have what it takes.

A helping hand

Who will you meet when working with us? We employ young talents who dream of being entrepreneurs. And it’s our ambition to stimulate their entrepreneurial dream. Fresh Forces are analytical project managers, full of executive power and entrepreneurship, balanced by a good dose of freshness and creativity, of course. You can enjoy their presence from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, they invest in themselves by working on their personal development and entrepreneurship, which in turn benefits you as the client.

How do we work? Together with you!

We like tackling challenging problems. Creating genuinely useful things. And the best way to do that is in co-creation. We won’t tell you what to do; instead, we work with you! Our energy and fresh perspective combined with your specific knowledge will allow great things to unfold!

Anything for a smile

We link you to a Fresh Force or a team of Fresh Forces. And when the situation calls for it, we add some seniority from our network to the mix. Our aim is always to exceed your expectations. On top of that, we will do anything to put a smile on your face. After all, there should always be room for a little fun.


Every change starts with an idea. We make sure things get done. We make ideas a reality. We get your organization moving.

We are eager to get started with you. Want to know more about what it is exactly that we do? Click on one of our propositions below.

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