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Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis: The People Analytics game

Many organizations are currently in the middle of a digital transformation. Are you? These challenges are probably familiar!

  • There is a lot of data available within the organization, but we don’t really know how to use it in making decisions.
  • Employees often find it exciting or uncomfortable to make decisions based on data.
  • Incidents or N=1 situations get (too) much attention within the organization.

Analysis Paralysis creates awareness of data driven decision making. Players experience the common pitfalls and challenges when working with a data mindset. The game helps players to reflect on the importance of a data driven mindset within modern business operating models.

Analysis Paralysis is set up as an escape room. A team of up to 4 people has to collaborate to solve a company crisis, by utilizing data sources to draft a press statement for the CEO. The experience is fully digital and can be played by teams from home through the online interface, supported by your companies video conferencing software of choice.

How data-driven is the mindset of your department? Play Analysis Paralysis and find out!

Learn more about the game

Check out actual gameplay footage and read more about the idea behind the game.

Key Features

  • Create awareness

    Learn what people analytics is and where you can go wrong

  • Experiment & Learn

    Obtain new skills by practicing in a game context

  • Play together remotely

    Collaborate with up to 4 colleagues remotely

  • Start the conversation

    Create a shared experience, a great starting point for a conversation about data!

  • Have fun!

    Discover the narrative in 45 minutes of exciting gameplay

What others say

"We thought that this was a great opportunity for us to increase the awareness and benefits of working with a more fact-based approach.”

Patrick Coolen (Global Head of People Analytics)

“The biggest surprise is how quickly we’ve seen players apply the learnings from the game to their work. Our hope was for the game to increase awareness and some proficiency around these skills in order to promote further development and practice, but we’re seeing real-life examples of application right away in some cases.”

Tom O’Connor (Senior Manager People Analytics)

“It is a simple and personal way to engage people and connect them to the subject.”

Mircea-Stefan Glavici (People Analytics Expert)


At Fresh Forces, we understand that you may have questions about playing a game as a learning intervention.

We’re happy to recap the most important things you need to know:

  • Analysis Paralysis is able to lay the groundwork for a more data-driven organization
  • Players not only develop an awareness of the value of data-driven work, but also of the risks of a non-data-driven approach
  • Players learn what the most common pitfalls are in working with data, by experiencing them themselves while playing the game.
  • Players practice working together as a team, processing information under time pressure and training their critical mindset.

We offer different price packages, in which we take into account the size of the organization and your personal wishes. Of course, we’re also happy to support you with a broader approach to loading this topic in your organization.


from € 25,- p.p.

  • € 2500,- set up kosten
  • Creates awareness, increases knowledge, practicing under time pressure
  • Innovative, engaging teambuilding
  • Access to online platform
  • Custom video's and styling possible

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