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Hi, waar kunnen we je mee helpen? Wij nemen graag contact met je op!
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Blindspot 2.0 – A new version of the Unconscious Bias game

Welcome! Currently we are busy developing a new version of Blindspot: The unconscious bias game. Here we update you on latest developments, the roadmap and provide first sneak previews of the game.

Why this game?

Blindspot helps individuals and teams to get new insights into how they make decisions and how biases might affect these decisions. This team game is developed for organizations that want to put biasses, diversity, and inclusion on the agenda in a new and refreshing way.

In blindspot 2.0 you will step into the shoes of a team of investigators. It is up to you to solve a mystery that is taking place on hidden island. Your knowledge of some of the most common biases will be crucial in order to stop the culprits and save the day.

Blindspot is a digital game that is playable by a group of 3 to 4 players from anywhere in the world. After playing the game the platform host a digital discussion allowing the players to debrief on their experience and translate their insight to real life.

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A sneak peak of the game

Key Features

  • Creates Awareness:

    On how unconscious bias influences decision making.

  • Built knowledge:

    Familiarizes with some of the most common biases in organizations.

  • Conversation starter:

    Brings up the conversation about unconscious bias.

  • Stimulates action:

    Ends with a clear call to action so that participants are challenged to take their first step to work on their biases.

Planning & Development

Launch 1.0 version

Release Dutch version (expected)

Release new scenario (expected)

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