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Hi, waar kunnen we je mee helpen? Wij nemen graag contact met je op!
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Blindspot - The unconscious bias game

Blindspot helps individuals and teams to get new insights into how they make decisions and how biases might affect these decisions. The game is developed for organizations that want to put biasses, diversity, and inclusion on the agenda in a new and refreshing way.

In Blindspot, a team of colleagues has to collaborate digitally to solve a complex series of challenges. You will dive into “project future”, an experiment that tries to set a new standard for society. The project is under a lot of pressure though. Can you and your colleagues save the project? Find out in Blindspot!

Blindspot was co-created with our partners: SHV Holdings, ABN AMRO N.V., Nederlandse Spoorwegen, KPN and Human Centric.

Please note: we are currently working on a re-design of Blindspot. We expect to present the new game in mid-summer 2021. Would you like to know more about our renewed game or stay informed about the latest developments? Please leave your details below:

A sneak peak of the game

Key Features

  • Play together

    Play the game together with your team, from a location of your choice.

  • Narrative-driven challenges

    Progress through the story as you work together with your colleagues.

  • Make decisions alone and together

    Face tough dilemmas and make your decisions by yourself as well as with your team.

  • Impactful reflection

    Finish the game with a team reflection in which you learn about possible biases and how these biases could affect you.

  • Follow-up

    Offer your people the next steps towards making your organization more inclusive.

What Blindspot players say

Great team exercise regarding cooperation and dealing with biases. It also provides some insight into your own standard thinking patterns.

In a playful way I gained insight into my own decision making and my contribution in group decisions.

Nice game with surprising challenges.

I've had a nice gaming experience with a great team, and I've become more aware of my own biases and how these affect decisions.

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