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The Unconscious Bias Game


Blindspot creates awareness on how unconscious biases impact decision making processes.

Humanity is faced with numerous challenges: economic diversity, social inequality, climate change, healthcare, conflict and more. In an effort to change this course, the United Federation of Countries (UFC) has approved an ambitious initiative called Project Future. The chairman of the UFC is looking for a new leadership team to save the project. The team will be faced with various challenges to adjust the strategy and earn votes to regain the confidence of the UFC and save the project.

Blindspot is being developed in a co-creative setting with KPN, ABN Amro, NS, SHV and Human Centric.

A sneak peak of the game

Key Features

  • Transfer knowledge

    To transfer knowledge on the biases that are most common in contemporary organizations.

  • Increase awareness

    To increase awareness on how unconscious biases influence decision-making processes.

  • Reflect

    To reflect on your decision-making and translate insights to the real world.

  • Play remotely

    The game is highly scalable, playable in a diverse and international context and easily accessible via an online platform.

  • Play together

    A 60-90 minutes digital gaming experience with a team of 3 to 4 players.

What Blindspot players say

Great team exercise regarding cooperation and dealing with biases. It also provides some insight into your own standard thinking patterns.

In a playful way I gained insight into my own decision making and my contribution in group decisions.

Nice game with surprising challenges.

I've had a nice gaming experience with a great team, and I've become more aware of my own biases and how these affect decisions.

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Interested in Blindspot?

On Friday morning 4th of December we organize the Blindspot Community Event where we will facilitate a game run. Interested? Great! Please leave your contact details and we will contact you.

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