Digital Escape Room

The challenge

Aegon asked us: can we make presentations to students a little less boring? Can we introduce our four departments and corporate culture in an interactive way? Of course we can!

In a competitive landscape of potential employers, how do you capture students’ interest? For AEGON we tackled this challenge by developing a digital escape room.

Our solution

Digitalizing recruitment events

The Aegon Campus Recruitment Team is responsible for attracting bright young talent to their company. From career events to in-house days, they’re always on the lookout. Aegon wants to level up their recruitment activities by organizing digital events, making participation easier for candidates across the whole country. Moreover, a digital event, with a well-crafted format, is easier to execute for the campus recruitment team. So, we got to work!

Immersive storytelling: The Future of Aegon

Together with the project group, we outlined specific learning objectives for the game. What should a student learn about Aegon’s culture? Based on that, we crafted an immersive storyline: The Future of Aegon.

In The Future of Aegon, players step into the role of board advisors for a day. They must tackle the question: “If I could shape Aegon’s future twenty years from now, what changes would I make today?”. Players are fully engaged in the storyline through a professional introduction video.

Exploring the company culture through puzzles

The escape room comprises four puzzles, each representing a different department. These puzzles were co-created with colleagues from these departments to closely mirror real-life scenarios.

Each puzzle is introduced with its own video, simulating a video call with actual Aegon colleagues. These colleagues not only explain the puzzle but also elaborate on how it aligns with the company culture. 

After playing our game, 75% of players express a desire to work at Aegon. Moreover, all players prefer the escape room over other forms of company introduction, such as slides or case studies – a result that fills us with pride!

75% of the students expressed interest in working for Aegon after playing the game.


In short 🧺

In short 🧺

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