Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat

From complex story to inspiring narrative

The challenge

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate asked us to devise and load an appropriate narrative for their multiyear energy policy.

How do you make a complicated story tangible? Doing so requires creativity. We organized an interactive event, wrote an inspiring spoken word, and produced its accompanying video.

Our fresh perspective

An appealing narrative

Working in collaboration with many different partners, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate is currently working on the National Energy System Plan. The aim of this plan is to show what the Netherlands’ energy system will look like in 2050.

The consultation phase, during which partners were able to give their input and feedback, had already ended. We were tasked with translating the existing content into an inspiring story that would also build a bridge to the implementation phase.

Project Ministerie van EZK
Project Ministerie van EZK

From a long report to spoken word

With ‘Our energetic country’ as its common thread, we wrote an inspiring spoken word summary of the core of the report, supplemented with appealing video images produced by one of our co-creation partners.

Interactive event

We organized a large event to keep all parties, including energy suppliers and Y, on board after the consultation phase. After all, they’re the ones who will have to execute the plans.

To kick the event off, the spoken word – an encouraging call to action – was recited live. Six break-out sessions, facilitated by experts from the field, were also part of the program.

Project Ministerie van EZK

In brief 🧺

In brief 🧺

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