Onboarding (tech) talent in Brainport Eindhoven

Congratulations! You’ve managed to hire new talents in Brainport Eindhoven. Now you’re facing the next challenge: making them feel at home in your organization. Keeping them engaged, and using their full potential.  

How will you make them stay?

The very first stages of contact with a newly hired employee are crucial. Ensuring they feel welcome and valued should be an essential part of your onboarding process, starting from the moment they sign their employment contract.

It doesn’t stop there though. Your staff may have all the latest technological knowledge, but do they have the skills to contribute to the bottom line of your business? Colleagues and managers are often simply too busy to help new hires settle down. As a result, the full potential of your human resources is left untapped.  

We at Frisse Blikken believe there are many ways to tackle the challenge of onboarding. One of them is to differentiate your onboarding process and tailor it the needs of specific employee categories. The same goes for your Learning & Development programs: customization is key!  

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Nestle onboarding

Revamp your onboarding process

We worked with Nestlé to create a tailormade onboarding journey helping fresh recruits get to know the company quickly and playfully. Upon signing their contract, new hires receive an interactive digital magazine in their mailbox. On their first working day, they team up to play a real-life game. The recruits then start working on a strategy challenge with their team. One month later, the various teams pitch their perspective on Nestlé’s strategy to the board of directors. This way, new hires have acquired vital knowledge about their employer while also having teamed up with their colleagues.  

Make learning fun

Serious gaming can help to get a diverse group of new hires up to speed in a fun yet efficient way. Our Game Studio can develop onboarding programs tailored to the various types of employees in your organization. Remember that games can be digital as well as live. Digital games are scalable and can be played anywhere, individually or as a group. Live games quickly reveal group dynamics and are ideal for teambuilding. Use both to get the most out of serious gaming! 

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Want to sample our approach and get a fresh perspective? Join our raffle! We’re giving away a fresh perspective worth €5,000. How you use this prize is up to you. It all depends on what your organization needs now. To give you an idea, we can organize several in-depth design sessions with various members of our team. Or you can have one of us work their magic at your premises for up to 2 weeks. There are so many ways we can help. Together we’ll work out the best way of putting your prize to work! 
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Win a fresh perspective worth €5,000!

Want to sample our approach and get a fresh perspective? Join our raffle!

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