Talent Acquisition in Brainport Eindhoven

Having trouble finding tech and IT staff for your organization? You’re not alone! Research shows that in 2022, almost 36% of businesses in the Brainport region were impacted by the shortage in tech labor (CBS, 2023).

Today’s candidates have many Brainport employers to choose from, so competition is fierce. High wages and good employment conditions aren’t enough to make sure tech talents will pick your company. As an employer, you need to come up with more than that to get your vacancies filled.  

Lamers Installations

So how do you make sure they’ll choose you?

At Frisse Blikken, we believe there are many ways of tackling the challenge of talent acquisition. Every business is unique, so we always take a tailored approach. Have a peek at the custom-made solutions we’ve crafted for our clients so far.  

Build a rock-solid employer brand

We recently worked with Lamers Installations to define its Employer Value Proposition. Using this blueprint, we developed a 360º marketing campaign to attract new tech talent. One of its elements is a brand-new company website.  

Grow your employer brand

If you’ve invested into a strong employer brand, now is the time to put it to work to attract tech talent to your organization. With our ‘Discover your nature’ game for FrieslandCampina, we did just that! The game has gained significant traction on LinkedIn, resulting in over 20,000 players.

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors

Job seekers highly value recommendations from people they know. Harness the power of referral marketing. Let human interaction and storytelling do the work for you. Word of mouth works wonders for acquiring talent!

Tim Schulte

Let's connect!

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Gain a fresh perspective on employer branding!

Want to sample our approach and get a fresh perspective? Join our raffle! We’re giving away a fresh perspective worth €5,000. How you use this prize is up to you. It all depends on what your organization needs now. To give you an idea, we can organize several in-depth design sessions with various members of our team. Or you can have one of us work their magic at your premises for up to 2 weeks.
There are so many ways we can help. Together we’ll work out the best way of putting your prize to work!  
Lamers Installations

"Frisse Blikken challenged us to think deeply about who we are as an employer and what talent we want to attract. Their team took us by the hand and guided us through every step of the process."

Lamers Installations

In the Brainport region we have collaborated with

Kristy Muijen

Want to know more?

We look forward to meet you and to share our fresh perspective. Share your contact details below. You will hear from us soon. 

Tim Schulte

Win a fresh perspective worth €5,000!

Want to sample our approach and get a fresh perspective? Join our raffle!

Hier kunnen we eventueel iets kwijt over de voorwaarden of iets dergelijks 

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