Game-changing employer branding: a personality test

The challenge

FrieslandCampina has asked us to develop a personality test that highlights their employer brand.

FrieslandCampina already possesses a strong employer brand. But how do you keep capturing attention? We have created an online and gamified personality test that highlights FrieslandCampina’s unique attributes and helps them to stand out as an employer of choice.

Our solution

The natures of FrieslandCampina

FrieslandCampina’s employer branding is centered around its so-called “natures.” These natures describe a person’s natural behavior. In total, there are twelve natures that a person can have to a greater or lesser extent.

Our task was to develop a test enabling individuals to identify their specific natures. Following this test, participants can explore job opportunities that align with their natural tendencies. At FrieslandCampina there is a fitting rol for everyone.

An online personality test

We developed a gamified test. During the test, participants engage in two scenarios. First you spend a day at the farm. Afterwards you visit the factory. Through making decisions in true-to-life FrieslandCampina scenarios, our game constructs a personalized personality profile. This was quite a challenge! Based on only eight questions we tried to distinguish all twelve natures, without getting too technical. In addition, we had to highlight FrieslandCampina’s atmosphere and supply chain.

Boost the employer brand

Players are impressed with the accuracy of the results, and the test has gained significant traction on LinkedIn, resulting in over 20,000 players. Therefore it is one of our most played games.

In short 🧺

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