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The challenge

The three-year anniversary of Arbo Unie’s traineeship for company doctors was the incentive to bring together its trainees and alumni to strengthen this valuable network. We got it done.

Our fresh perspective

About Arbo Unie

Arbo Unie improves the vitality and health of working people, making organizations more successful. Together with its employers and employees, Arbo Unie focuses on employee wellbeing and deployability by optimally supporting their personal and professional choices.


Tight network

Arbo Unie’s traineeship is the entrance point into a tight network of company doctors (in training). In order to strengthen this network, the organization had envisioned a recurring day event.

The request was to create an inspiring event that was not only rich in terms of content, but also fun – and which would lead to the development of continuing connections. A day during which company doctors in training and alumni are able to meet and support one another with personal challenges in an innovative and inspiring way.

The first edition in 2021 was the start of a creative co-creation that lasted for four years, and which Arbo Unie is now continuing internally.


Stepping outside their comfort zone

Most meetings of (future) company doctors are primarily content driven. This made the way this event was shaped unique for its participants. Each year, we introduced new, fresh elements. These included personal development workshops based on the Japanese Ikigai concept, boat trips aimed at collaboration, and a talk show with practical experts about the future of the company doctor.

The carefully selected locations, including the Metal Cathedral in Utrecht and Zwier by the Vinkeveense Plassen, added to the events’ inspiring nature. By giving participants the freedom to choose from the various activities on offer, they were in control of their day, while some of the activities nonetheless challenged them to step outside their comfort zone.

In their own words, we created a “perfect mix for this ambitious group.”


The results have been nothing short of impressive. Participation numbers have grown each year – with some participants valuing the event so much that they return annually. The last edition had no fewer than 43 participants from all over the country. The event has contributed to the development of strong bonds between trainees and alumni, and has also improved the connections between the company doctors (in training) and Arbo Unie.

“Frisse Blikken really got to the heart of the matter. Paying careful attention to the right balance between content, fun, and connection, they surprised us again and again. The right organization, educational workshops, and stimulating elements for development and connection proved their value.”

Arbo Unie

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